Dermal filler cannulas with blunt tips have been developed for use with HA and non HA dermal fillers. The length and flexibility allow aesthetic practitioners to cover a larger surface area with a single entry point. Blunt tip dermal filler cannulas slide through subcutaneous layer rather that cutting through tissue and vessels like traditional hypodermic needles.

With less damage caused and improved manoeuvrability, filler injections with blunt tip dermal filler cannulas are performed more quickly with less pain. TSK cannulas have the best overall manageability with easier insertion, lowest penetration force and best gliding capacity. This results in less bruising, improved patient comfort and increased precision when administering dermal fillers.

TSK Dermal Filler Cannulas


The revolutionary design of the STERiGLIDE™ cannula provides up to 50% better gliding. The cannula penetration path can be better controlled, and the filler can be placed more precisely.

  • Up to 50% better gliding
  • Only 8N introduction force needed
  • Near tip product delivery
  • ULTRA thin wall

The CSH cannula combines the traditional cannula shape with the TSK Ultra Thin Wall technology, resulting in a better flow rate in comparison to regular cannulas.

  • Regular handling
  • 18N introduction force needed
  • Traditional product delivery
  • ULTRA thin wall

Study: STERiGLIDE™ vs Traditional Cannula

Sharp Needle 22%
Skin penetration force: 4N
STERiGLIDE™ Cannula 44%
Skin penetration force: 8N
Traditional Cannula 100%
Skin penetration force: 18N

The difficulty of introducing the cannula to the entry incision hole and then moving it easily under the skin for accurate filler injections were the greatest challenges to overcome. TSK introduced the STERiGLIDE to the market and overcame these challenges.

STERiGLIDE uses a newly designed tip, a proprietary coating and making the cannula less flexible. The result is up to 50% better gliding of the cannula, the cannula direction can be better controlled, and the filler can be placed more precisely.

Results are based on internal studies.

Available Sizes Dermal Filler Cannulas

PRC-30025ISGSTERiGLIDE™ Cannula 30G x 25mm1″Yes20
PRC-27050ISGSTERiGLIDE™ Cannula 27G x 50mm2″Yes20
PRC-27038ISGSTERiGLIDE™ Cannula 27G x 38mm1 ½”Yes20
PRC-27025ISGSTERiGLIDE™ Cannula 27G x 25mm1″Yes20
PRC-25050ISGSTERiGLIDE™ Cannula 25G x 50mm2″ Yes20
PRC-25038ISGSTERiGLIDE™ Cannula 25G x 38mm1 ½” Yes20
PRC-22070ISGSTERiGLIDE™ Cannula 22G x 70mm2 ¾”Yes20
PRC-22050ISGSTERiGLIDE™ Cannula 22G x 50mm2Yes20
PRC-30025ICSHCSH Cannula 30G x 25mm1″Yes50
PRC-27050ICSHCSH Cannula 27G x 50mm2″Yes50
PRC-27038ICSHCSH Cannula 27G x 38mm1 ½”Yes50
PRC-27025ICSHCSH Cannula 27G x 25mm1″Yes50
PRC-25050ICSHCSH Cannula 25G x 50mm2″Yes50
PRC-25038ICSHCSH Cannula 25G x 38mm1 ½” Yes50
PRC-22070ICSHCSH Cannula 22G x 70mm2 ¾”Yes50
PRC-22050ICSHCSH Cannula 22G x 50mm2 Yes50

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