TSK CSH: Closed-Tip Side Hole Cannula

Ultra thin wall

35% less extrusion force needed

Reduced risk of trauma

Smoother & more controlled injection

TSK has developed a closed-tip side hole (CSH) cannula with optimal flexibility and a side hole that reduces the risk of bleeding.

The CSH sets itself apart from other cannulas in the market because of the ULTRA thin wall. A larger internal diameter results in up to 35% less extrusion force and therefore a smoother and more controlled injection.

Features & Benefits of CSH Cannula

Blunt Closed-Tip Design

  • Reduced risk of trauma
  • Easier handling

The biggest advantage of cannulas over needles is the reduced risk of bruising during filler injections. Other advantages of cannulas include the ability to treat a larger area with only one injection point and better comfort.

ULTRA Thin Wall

  • 35% less extrusion force needed
  • Smoother and more controlled injection

TSK has developed special dermal filler cannulas that have an ULTRA Thin Wall that increases the inner diameter of a 27G cannula up to 24% and the inner diameter of a 30G cannula up to 17%.

Study: CSH vs STERiGLIDE™ vs Needle

Sharp Needle 22%
Skin penetration force: 4N
STERiGLIDE™ Cannula 44%
Skin penetration force: 8N
Traditional Cannula 100%
Skin penetration force: 18N

The difficulty of introducing the cannula to the entry incision hole and then moving it easily under the skin for accurate filler injections were the greatest challenges to overcome. TSK introduced the STERiGLIDE to the market and overcame these challenges.

STERiGLIDE uses a newly designed tip, a proprietary coating and making the cannula less flexible. The result is up to 50% better gliding of the cannula, the cannula direction can be better controlled, and the filler can be placed more precisely.

Results are based on internal studies.

Available Sizes CSH Cannulas

PRC-30025ICSHCSH Cannula 30G x 25mm1″Yes25
PRC-27050ICSHCSH Cannula 27G x 50mm2″Yes25
PRC-27038ICSHCSH Cannula 27G x 38mm1 ½”Yes25
PRC-27025ICSHCSH Cannula 27G x 25mm1″Yes25
PRC-25050ICSHCSH Cannula 25G x 50mm2″Yes25
PRC-25038ICSHCSH Cannula 25G x 38mm1 ½”Yes25
PRC-22070ICSHCSH Cannula 22G x 70mm2 ¾”Yes25
PRC-22050ICSHCSH Cannula 22G x 50mm2″Yes25

* UTW = ULTRA Thin Wall

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