Cannula Course By Award Winning Tutors

The use of blunt cannulae for soft tissue filler treatments has become increasingly popular. Sadly, the aesthetic community is seeing more and more problems caused by the improper use of cannulas for this indication, and this highlights the lack of appropriate training available in their proper use in aesthetic practice. Hence the TSK Cannula Masterclass course was developed, in conjunction with award-winning trainer and consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, Mr. Dalvi Humzah who has extensive practical experience in the use of all currently available cannulae.





This half-day course is a bespoke and specialised practical session, tailored to the safe use of blunt cannulas for dermal filler placement. It is aimed at both beginners to cannula use, as well as intermediate and advanced users who are looking to hone their techniques.

The session will explore cannula designs, indications and the recommended cannula sizes required for aesthetic treatments, in relation to differing anatomical areas. Going on to discuss cannula techniques to appropriately analyse and treat the lip (both body and vermillion border), the lateral mid-face, naso-labial and marionette regions, with a firm emphasis on facial anatomy and proper choice of cannula and technique.

Training Goals

  • Understanding cannulas – designs, sizes and indications
  • The advantages of cannula use
  • When to use cannulas: different cannula approaches, anatomical considerations, cannula vs needle
  • How to use cannulas: correct cannula techniques
  • Aesthetic and clinical safety

Delegates will obtain a practical knowledge of the aesthetic and clinical advantages of using STERiGLIDE™ cannulas, and their associated safety. At the end of the training, delegates will go away with an increased awareness of different cannula approaches and techniques which can be used for soft tissue filler placement, in relation to the differing anatomical regions of the face.

Learn from the experts and come away with methods and techniques to change your practice and take your personal skills to the next level.


Delegates will benefit from a structured and detailed approach to learning, exploring concepts in facial anatomy in relation to cannulas, as well as expert knowledge and experience of a wealth of cannula products and treatment options.

Facial areas to be covered, in relation to correct analysis and placement of dermal fillers using cannulas:

  • Forehead
  • Temple
  • Glabellar and brow
  • Tear trough
  • Lips
  • Naso-labial
  • Marionette

Learning is facilitated through demonstration and practical approaches with close supervision and support from faculty. Depending on prior experience levels and confidence, delegates can expect to inject between one and three facial areas during the hands-on supervised part of the cannula training.


  • Presentation on the use of cannulas in aesthetic practice
  • Injection demonstration by tutors
  • Hands-on injection by delegate on a live model, supervised by tutors, covering two to three different facial areas, depending on experience
  • Recap, questions and answers

The training course takes place over a half day.

Group size

  • Maximum 5 delegates
  • 2 tutors
  • Delegate to tutor ratio usually 1:2The TSK Cannula Masterclass Course has a maximum group size of 5 delegates. The training will be supervised by two tutors. The small group size, with two supervising tutors, ensures a safe learning environment and guarantees sufficient one-to-one personal guidance.


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