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Harley Academy

Join the UK’s largest postgraduate training provider in aesthetic medicine.

At Harley Academy we have one main goal: to improve patient safety. We do this by raising educational standards for the most widely-requested cosmetic procedures: injectables and cosmetic dermatology treatments. We created the UK’s first fully-regulated Level 7 qualification in Injectables because the UK needed a higher standard of aesthetics training.

Join our community of 1000 medical professionals – doctors, dentists, nurses and HCP – lead aesthetic medicine forward with us, and pursue a career you love.



Harley Academy offers a variety of injectable courses. From a foundation day to get you started, up to a full level 7 program. Wether you are just getting started or already experienced, or wether you are a dentist, nurse or surgeon, Harley Academy offers you injectable course that suits your needs.

Would you prefer to learn Injectables or Cosmetic Dermatology? This open day is ideal for new as well as experienced practitioners interested in career advancement. How could aesthetic medicine transform your career? Ideal for doctors, dentists, nurses and many other medical professionals wishing to pursue a career in aesthetic medicine.

Botulinum toxins, also known as botox, and dermal fillers are the two most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK. This one-day course covers everything you need to know to get started in both procedures. Our Foundation Day course is ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses seeking a career in aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic medicine allows medical professionals to combine their creativity with clinical expertise. Our flagship Level 7 course focuses on the two most requested aesthetic treatments: botulinum toxins and dermal fillers. This aesthetic injectables training is ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses.

Otherwise known as ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’, the Harley Academy Level 7 Injectables Fast Track programme allows experienced practitioners to meet HEE requirements (now JCCP requirements) without taking time from their busy clinics. Upon completion you will have the highest level of formal qualification it’s possible to achieve in Aesthetic Medicine. Ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses. This is a nationally recognised qualification.

This combined Aesthetic Medicine training package is an aesthetics career accelerator that’s designed to transform trainees from novices to holistically qualified, practice-ready aesthetics professionals. It combines our most intensive training courses Cosmetic Dermatology and Level 7 Certificate in Injectables. Ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses.


Harley Academy masterclasses are more detailed courses regarding particular treatments within aesthetics. These top classes are tutored by an expert of that discipline and includes case studies, live demonstrations of injection techniques, and detailed instruction on how to manage complications and practice safely.

The approach towards the lower face is often one of the most undervalued and misunderstood. Our jawline, chin and neck masterclass is an in-depth hands-on course and an excellent opportunity for current level 7 students and more experienced injectors to build confidence in an often overlooked range of procedures. Our jawline, chin and neck masterclass is ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses.

There are more complications, cases of vascular occlusion incidents published from lip treatments than any other intervention with soft tissue fillers. This masterclass uses this evidence to guide practitioners on how to treat the lips with the safest approach. If you want to become a lip filler specialist, give your patients beautiful results, or gain a highly lucrative addition to your treatment repertoire then this lip filler training course is for you. Ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses.

The clinical approach towards the mid-face with soft tissue fillers is one of the most important interventions practitioners can develop. For patients seeking beautification, treating the mid face is essential for harmonising aesthetic proportions and creating striking cheekbones. This intensive masterclass will encompass a comprehensive approach to the mid-face with both theoretical and hands on practical elements. Our Mid face and Cannula masterclass is ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty makes dramatic transformations possible through a minimally-invasive treatment with little downtime. Book this masterclass to learn this increasingly popular treatment requested by patients. Our non-surgical rhinoplasty masterclass course is ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses.

Do you know the difference between a primary and secondary tear trough? Wondering how to create a brow lift with botulinum toxin whilst minimising risk of brow ptosis? Our Tear Trough & Peri-orbital Rejuvenation masterclass covers essential theory and practical aesthetic training on how to successfully rejuvenate the upper face, temples and tear trough – using a combination of neuromodulators and soft tissue fillers. This course is ideal for doctors, dentists and nurses.