TSK PRE Regular Hub

Compatible with all syringes

Less painful injection

TSK has been at the forefront in offering new needles and syringes in the market that make injections more precise, easier, efficient and more comfortable.

Needles are offered as small as 33G, which are 22% thinner than regular 30G needles, making the injection for the patient nearly painless.

Features & Benefits of PRE Regular Hub needles

Available up to 33G

  • Less painful injection
  • Better overall patient experience

TSK Regular hub needles are available in size 30G, 31G, 32G and 33G. In a length of 13mm, 9mm, 6mm and 4 mm.

Compatible with all syringes

  • Use with your favourite syringe
  • Use with different syringes

The TSK PRE Regular hub is compatible with all major syringe brands and major toxin brand syringes.

Available Sizes PRE Regular hub needles

PRE-33013Regular Hub 33G x 13mm1/2″100
PRE-33004Regular Hub 33G x 4mm3/16″100
PRE-32013Regular Hub 32G x 13mm1/2″100
PRE-32009Regular Hub 32G x 9mm3/8″100
PRE-32006Regular Hub 32G x 6mm1/4″100
PRE-32004Regular Hub 32G x 4mm3/16″100
PRE-31013Regular Hub 31G x 13mm1/2″100
PRE-30006IRegular Hub 30G x 6mm1/4″100
PRE-30004IRegular Hub 30G x 4mm3/16″100

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