TSK Opthalmology Needles


The Low Dead Space (LDS) hub is designed to reduce the effective space left behind in the needle hub as close to zero.

  • Available in 33G
  • 13mm & 9mm
  • No product loss
  • No pop-off risk
PRE – Regular Hub

TSK Laboratories traditional high quality steel sharp needles with regular hubs. Available in 30G, 32G and 33G.

  • Available up to 33G
  • Compatible with all syringes
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Traditional hub geometry

TSK Dental Needles

Dental Hub

TSK Dental needles are considered the finest dental needles in the world. TSK needles fit all standard dental syringes and the plastic hub has a clear bevel indicator. Hubs are available in the American and European types.

  • Smallest needle available today
  • Reduced cutting area (58% of 27G / 25% of 30G)
  • Minimal patient trauma
  • Fits all standard dental syringes
  • Clear bevel indicator

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