TSK Opthalmology Needles


The Low Dead Space (LDS) hub is designed to reduce the effective space left behind in the needle hub as close to zero.

  • Available in 33G
  • 13mm & 9mm
  • No product loss
  • No pop-off risk
PRE – Regular Hub

TSK Laboratories traditional high quality steel sharp needles with regular hubs. Available in 30G, 32G and 33G.

  • Available up to 33G
  • Compatible with all syringes
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Traditional hub geometry

Available Sizes Ophthalmology Needles

LDS-33013Low Dead Space Hub 33G x 13mm**1/2″100
LDS-33009Low Dead Space Hub 33G x 9mm**3/8″100
PRE-33013Regular Hub 33G x 13mm1/2″100
PRE-32013Regular Hub 32G x 13mm1/2″100
PRE-32009Regular Hub 32G x 9mm3/8″100

* UTW = ULTRA Thin Wall / ** For exclusive use with Soft-Ject Luer Lock syringe

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