Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

TSK Laboratory is a complete provider of high-quality custom-design medical devices. We are the expert in the field of needle production and we are well known as the complete solution provider, helping the customer to design and manufacture the product from steel to finish. 

Having the option to use manual, semi-automated and fully automated production lines we can quickly adapt to different production needs from the customer.

TSK Laboratory has a long history in the design and manufacturing of specialty needles, resulting in multiple patents for materials and needle designs. Innovation has always played an important role in the growth of our company and we continue today to be on the cutting edge of needle technology.

The quality of our products makes TSK Laboratory the preferred OEM partner for many leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies worldwide.

Custom steel processing

Custom tips
  • Menghini A
  • Menghini S
  • Semi lancet
  • Side cut
  • Special designed tip
  • Trocar
  • Twinpeaks
Custom tubing
  • Sand blasting
  • Spiral etching (by laser)
  • Swaging
  • Weld
  • Wire cut (round)
  • Wire cut (square)

Custom Molding

Plastic factory
  • Horizontal type molding machines
  • Upright molding machines

Manual, Semi & Full Automation

Semi & full automation

TSK Laboratory has one of Japan’s largest fully automated needle assembly line. These fully automated needle assembly line that can assemble various diameters of cannulas.

Clean room

Cleanrooms are thoroughly maintained and conform the highest quality cleanliness standards.


Regulatory for medical devices

TSK can provide contract manufacturing services throughout the entire product process. From design and development, through regulatory application to manufacturing (assembly, packaging, and sterilization). In accordance with ISO 13485 and by taking advantage of knowledge and know-how acquired over many years.

  • Sterilised product assembly and packaging
  • Packaging and sterilisation services
  • Manufacturing of combined medical devices
  • Tube product manufacturing (catheters, etc.)

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