TSK has been nominated for the Anti-Ageing Beauty Trophy 2016 with THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE in the category best injection tool. A short interview with Managing Director Doris de Beer in anticipation of the award ceremony upcoming Friday.

How do you feel about being nominated for the AABT?

The Euromedicom AATB is one of the first awards to be introduced in the aesthetic industry. We won this awards for our STERiGLIDE cannula three years ago. In the past few years we have seen nominations for well designed and innovative products, which makes this awards all the more special to us. It is good to see new innovations in the aesthetic market and for the industry and doctors to recognise this.

How did the development of THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE come about?

Six years ago we set out our goal to make injections better in the aesthetic industry. There has been a lot of focus on improving the injection techniques for fillers. TSK introduced the first ULTRA THIN WALL needle with a special safety hub, as well as a new cannula design called STERiGLIDE™.

The development of technology for BoNT injections tools has fallen behind. People are still using standard insulin syringes with needles (30G) attached. THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE is our first step to improve BoNT injections. This super thin needle makes pain and bruising a thing of the past.

The next step is to make injections more accurate with the introduction of the new 3DOSE Unit Dose Injector in combination with THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE. This combination will provide the doctor with the best tools to bring BoNT injections to the next level and sets a new standard for the future.


What makes THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE unique?

THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE is the first needle of its kind and the thinnest needle available to date. TSK Technology advancements have made it possible to make this needle 33% thinner than a 30G needle (used for insulin syringes) and 14% thinner than the TSK 33G needle.

The extremely thin diameter results in a mere painless experience for patients. Even more importantly, because of the extremely small diameter of THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE™, bleeding time is reduced to a minimum and the risk for bruising is significantly reduced. This not only results in minimal downtime for the patient, but it also offers higher patient satisfaction and a higher patient retention rate.

Furthermore, with a regular needle the remaining BoNT remaining in the needle hub equates to approximately 0.08ml or 3 Botox® units. The patented LDS needle hub design used for THE INVISIBLE NEEDLE™ reduces the effective space left behind in the needle hub to as close to zero, leading to significant cost savings.

Our goal is to make a contribution to the aesthetic market to make injections better. We are proud to be nominated for the AATB. Innovations is what drives our company and it is of course good to be recognised for it.



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