TSK Needle Holder

Prevent needle injury

Tighter needle assembly

Clean and organised

We continue to look for accessories that make our product more convenient, safer and smarter.

The safety aspect of needle puncture is always present and for this reason a needle holder is offered where our needle capsule packaging fits in tightly and securely.

Features & Benefits Of TSK Needle Holder

Safe needle assembly

  • Preventing needle injury
  • Tighter needle assembly

The TSK needle holder enables assembly of the needle without touching the needle and therefore preventing needle injury. It also allow for a tighter needle assembly.

Safe syringe storing

  • Preventing needle injury
  • Clean and organized

The solid weight of the needle holder and its firm grip of the needle safety capsule make a clean and organized storing place for your needle and syringe during your treatment.

How it works: TSK Needle Holder

Available TSK Needle Holder

TNH-1TSK Needle Holder1

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