TSK Dermal Filler Needles

HPC – Advanced Hub

The hard polymer HPC or “advance hub” has a wide internal geometry for improved flow rates and an overall shorter length than traditional hubs. It also allows for a tighter luer lock connection because of the built-in exterior treading.

  • Improved shorter hub geometry
  • Improved flow rate
  • No flexing
  • No needle pop-off
PRC – Control Hub

The PRC or “control hub” is made of extremely hard polymer preventing “flexing” of the hub when exposed to high pressures which ultimately prevents leakage and needle pop-off. It has a traditional hub geometry making it compatible with all syringes.

  • Traditional hub geometry
  • Compatible with all syringes
  • No flexing & leakage
  • Reduced needle pop-off

Study Dermal Filler Needles

Independent studies have confirmed that the TSK needles outperform all competitors. Tests showed lower malfunction risk, extrusion forces and smoother extrusion force profiles. thus allowing a better flow rate and reduced pop-off risk.

Due to the thin and ultra sharp needles TSK showed the lowest traumatic effect for the patient. This makes the TSK dermal filling needles the preferred needle for all major filler brands.

Available Sizes Dermal Filler Needles

HPC-30013IAdvanced Hub 30G x 13mm½”Yes320
HPC-27013IAdvanced Hub 27G x 13mm½”Yes320
HPC-23025IAdvanced Hub 23G x 25mm1″Yes320
PRC-30038IControl Hub 30G x 38mm1 ½”Yes100
PRC-30025IControl Hub 30G x 25mm1″Yes100
PRC-30013IControl Hub 30G x 13mm½”Yes100
PRC-27038IControl Hub 27G x 38mm1 ½”Yes100
PRC-27019IControl Hub 27G x 19mm¾”Yes100
PRC-27013IControl Hub 27G x 13mm½”Yes100
PRC-25013IControl Hub 25G x 13mm½”Yes100
PRC-22050IControl Hub 22G x 50mm2″Yes100

* UTW = ULTRA Thin Wall

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