TSK BoNT Needles


THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE is the thinnest needle available to date. 33% thinner than a 30G needle and 14% thinner than the TSK 33G needle, resulting in a mere painless experience for patients and is ideal for BoNT injections.

  • 14% thinner than 33G
  • Minimal patient trauma
  • No product loss
  • Minimal risk of hematoma′s

The Low Dead Space (LDS) hub is designed to reduce the effective space left behind in the needle hub as close to zero. This new patented LDS hub design results in savings of up to 0.08ml, leading to significant cost savings.

  • Available in 33G
  • 13mm & 9mm
  • No product loss
  • Reduced pop-off risk
PRE – Regular Hub

TSK Laboratories traditional high quality steel sharp needles with regular hubs. Available in 30G, 32G and 33G. Ranging from 4mm up to 13mm.

  • Wide range of sizes
  • Compatible with all syringes
Blunt Vial Access Needle

Low cost blunt vial access needle with a wide needle lumen and extended barrel length to ensure an easy and fast draw-up of the product.

  • Specially designed for product draw-up
  • Low cost needle

Available Sizes BoNT Needles

LDS-02009THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE x 9mm**3/8″100
LDS-33013Low Dead Space Hub 33G x 13mm**1/2″100
LDS-33009Low Dead Space Hub 33G x 9mm**3/8″100
PRE-33013Regular Hub 33G x 13mm1/2″100
PRE-32013Regular Hub 32G x 13mm1/2″100
PRE-32009Regular Hub 32G x 9mm3/8″100
PRE-31013Regular Hub 31G x 13mm1/2″X100
VIAL-21040BBlunt Vial Access Needls1 1/2″100

* UTW = ULTRA Thin Wall / ** For exclusive use with Soft-Ject Luer Lock syringe

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