Blunt Vial Access Needle

Low Cost

Designed for product draw-up

Get the last drop of product

Safe handling with blunt needle

TSK Blunt Vial Access Needles are cost efficient blunt fill needles specifically designed to prevent needle stick injury during toxin reconstitution. These Blunt Vial Access needles are sharp enough to penetrate the rubber stopper, but reduce the risk for injury and prevent coring of the rubber stopper that could possibly result in particle contamination.

Features & Benefits of Blunt Vial Acces Needles

Designed for product draw-up

  • Get every drop of product
  • Easy and fast draw-up

TSK Blunt Vial Access Needles are specially designed for product draw-up. They have a wide needle lumen and extended barrel length to ensure an easy and fast draw-up of the product.

Blunt needle

  • Prevent needle injury
  • No needle quality loss

No sharpness is reduced or quality is lost when TSK Blunt Vial Access Needles touch the vial during product draw up, because it is already blunt. The blunt tip also prevents needle injury.

Available Sizes Blunt Vial Access Needles

VIAL-21040B Blunt Vial Access Needles 21G x 40mm1 1/2100

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