TSK Soft Tissue Biopsy Needles

PRIMECUT | One Hand Operated Biopsy System

The PRIMECUT Needle is specifically designed for prostate biopsies because of its one hand operation feature. The inner and outer needle can be cocked separately and the firing button is conveniently located on the side.

  • One hand operation
  • Ideal for prostate biopsy
  • Side firing button for ease of firing
  • Single and double firing option
ACECUT | Automatic Biopsy System

The ACECUT Automatic Biopsy System is considered the most premium disposable soft tissue biopsy system in the market. The unique handle design and strong springs allow for maximum firing strength resulting in optimized tissue sample sizes.

  • Strongest spring available
  • Optimized tissue sampling
  • Lever for safe tissue removal
  • Single and double firing option
Semi-Automatic Biopsy System

This light-weight biopsy needle is especially suited for CT guided biopsies. The inner needle of the Semi-Automatic Biopsy System can be introduced by hand for added safety and tactile sensitivity. The needle can be delivered in combination with a coaxial guide and is available with aspiration hub.

  • Light-weight design
  • Ideal for use in CT
  • 11-22mm Penetration depth setting
  • Matching coaxial needle optional
TOPCUT | Universal Needle For Reusable Guns

The TOPCUT needle fits most reusable gun biopsy devices in the market today and allows the user to use their current reusable biopsy device with premium TSK needles. TOPCUT is made of high quality steel and sharp cutting edge for increased cutting characteristics.

  • High quality steel
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Compatible with most biopsy guns
  • Available separate from gun
SURECUT | Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy System

TSK modified Menghini aspiration SURECUT needle can be used for histological as well as for cytological specimen sampling. The syringe comes standard with a locking mechanism for continued aspiration.

  • One hand operation
  • Locking syringe for continued aspiration
  • Histological and cytological sampling
  • Inner needle with notch design
  • Increased visibility under ultrasound guidance

Available TSK Soft Tissue Biopsy Needles

PRI-181502Primecut 18G x 150mm 22mm10
PRI-182002Primecut 18G x 200mm22mm10
PRI-182502Primecut 18G x 250mm22mm10
ACE-110752Acecut 11G x 75mm22mm10
ACE-111152Acecut 11G x 115mm22mm10
ACE-140751Acecut 14G x 75mm11mm10
ACE-140752Acecut 14G x 75mm22mm10
ACE-141152Acecut 14G x 115mm22mm10
ACE-141502Acecut 14G x 150mm22mm10
ACE-160751Acecut 16G x 75mm11mm10
ACE-160752Acecut 16G x 75mm22mm10
ACE-161152Acecut 16G x 115mm22mm10
ACE-161502Acecut 16G x 150mm22mm10
ACE-162002Acecut 16G x 200mm22mm10
ACE-180752Acecut 18G x 75mm22mm10
ACE-180753Acecut 18G x 75mm16mm10
ACE-181151Acecut 18G x 115mm11mm10
ACE-181152Acecut 18G x 115mm22mm10
ACE-181502Acecut 18G x 150mm22mm10
ACE-182002Acecut 18G x 200mm22mm10
ACE-182003Acecut 18G x 200mm16mm10
SAG-14090CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 14G x 90mm11/22mm10
SAG-14160Semi Automatic Biopsy System 14G x 160mm11/22mm10
SAG-16090CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 16G x 90mm11/22mm10
SAG-16160CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 16G x 160mm11/22mm10
SAG-16220CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 16G x 220mm11/22mm10
SAG-18090CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 18G x 90mm11/22mm10
SAG-18160CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 18G x 160mm11/22mm10
SAG-18200Semi Automatic Biopsy System 18G x 200mm11/22mm10
SAG-20090Semi Automatic Biopsy System 20G x 90mm11/22mm10
SAG-20090CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 20G x 90mm11/22mm10
SAG-20130CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 20G x 130mm11/22mm10
SAG-20160CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 20G x 160mm11/22mm10
SAG-20220Semi Automatic Biopsy System 20G x 220mm11/22mm10
SAG-20220CSemi Automatic Biopsy System 20G x 220mm11/22mm10
TMG-14100Topcut 14G x 100mm10
TMG-14200Topcut 14G x 200mm10
TMG-16100Topcut 16G x 100mm10
TMG-16160Topcut 16G x 160mm10
TMG-18100Topcut 18G x 100mm10
TMG-18160Topcut 18G x 160mm10
TMG-18200Topcut 18G x 200mm10
TMG-18250Topcut 18G x 250mm10
SUC-15090Surecut 15G x 90mm20
SUC-15100Surecut 15G x 100mm20
SUC-15120Surecut 15G x 120mm20
SUC-16100Surecut 16G x 100mm20
SUC-17070Surecut 17G x 70mm20
SUC-17090Surecut 17G x 90mm20
SUC-18120Surecut 18G x 120mm20
SUC-18150Surecut 18G x 150mm20
SUC-19090Surecut 19G x 90mm20
SUC-19150Surecut 19G x 150mm20
SUC-22090Surecut 22G x 90mm20
SUC-22100Surecut 22G x 100mm20
SUC-22150Surecut 22G x 150mm20
SUC-25050Surecut 25G x 50mm20
SUC-25090Surecut 25G x 90mm20

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