BAXA Connector

Contamination free transfer

Prevent spilling & leakage

We continue to look for accessories that make our product more convenient, safer and smarter.

Male to male, Luer to Luer BAXA connectors allow you to fill several syringes from a dispensing syringe and maintain sterility.

Features & Benefits Of BAXA Connector

Male to male luer lock connection

  • Prevent leakage
  • Contamination-free handling

Luer Lock-Luer Lock Connector is used to join two luer lock syringes or other male luer lock devices.

Red polypropylene (100% latex)

  • No risk of allergic reaction to latex
  • Quick identification by colour

BAXA connectors are made out of natural red coloured polypropylene, 100% latex free.

Available BAXA Connector

BAXA-1Connector BAXA 150

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